Pipe bag

Pipe bag

Pipe-bag 1.

Pipe-bag 1.

Pipe bag is made of soft black leather for pipes and accessories. Cleaners, pipe lighters, pipe tobacco and cutlery can fit in it.

ListPrice7,60 €
Discount-1,65 €
===>5,95 €

Pipe bag 1 - big, brown

Pipe bag 1 -  big, brown

Brown colored pipe bag which is made of genuine leather. This bag is appropriate for one pipe store. You can close this bag with zipper.

ListPrice28,60 €
Discount-6,65 €
===>21,95 €

Martin Wess pipe bag 14044

Martin Wess pipe bag 14044-a

Exclusive and perfectly developed bag which is made of nappa leather, for 2 pipes. The Martin Wess pipe bag provides a convenient way to carry and protect your pipe investment when you're away from home.

ListPrice79,00 €
Discount-14,50 €
Price64,50 €